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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hotels Near Trident Tower for NCLEX exam

Prior to my exam, I kept looking for a cheap, affordable hotel near trident tower. Based on google map, I found 3 hotels near Trident tower. Included are screenshots on distance of hotels to trident tower.

1. One Pacific Placed Serviced Residence  -
Location: 161 H.V. dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Makati, Manila, Philippines 1220
Contact Number: (02) 304-7777
Walking distance to trident: 350 meters; a
Prices may vary depending on ongoing promo, dates, and ibout 4 minutes
Price: With Agoda's current promo: For 2 nights is P7,000 with breakfast and wifi.  This is including all taxes.

2. Makati International Inns -
Location: #7575 Santilian Corner Dela Rosa Streets, Makati, Manila, Philippines 
Contact Number: (02) 886-4667
Walking distance to trident: 900 meters; about 11 minutes
Price: For a triple bed room: For 2 nights is about P4500 room only. 

3. Tiara Oriental Hotel
Location: 7248 Malugay cor. Talisay Sts., San Antonio Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines 1252 
Contact Number:(02) 729 7888
Walking distance to trident: 600 meters; about 7 minutes
Price: For a twin bed room: For 2 nights is about P5,500 with breakfast. VAT not yet included.

Another hotel I was deciding on based on price is Tune Hotel - Makati

Price for a twin sharing room is about P3000 only for 2 nights. This already includes 24h aircon. Due to their 50% ongoing promo for the month of September. 
I figured, what you will save here you can ride a taxi going to Pearsonvue Trident Tower. 

Will update soon for prices, google map screenshots and reviews.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Makati International Inn - Review

Makati International Inn is located at 7575 Dela Rosa Street, Santillian Street, Makati City. If you read their site, they are up front and honest about what you can expect of this place.

Here's my personal experience of this place:

* Near to Trident tower (for those taking NCLEX, HAAD exams)
* Near to malls like Glorietta or Greenbelt
* There's a 7-11 store beside it
* Room is clean, complete with phone, hot/cold shower, hair dryer
* Staff and personnel were helpful (i think most hotels in Manila don't have a problem with this)

* Dim light at rooms (Can't really study if you're planning to take the exam)
* Nothing to do; if you get stuck in the room like we were because of the flood
* Wifi not working for me even in the lobby
* Bed was not that comfy. Noticed this when I woke up and my back hurts.
* Food was a hit and miss. Some were okay, like the beef (something)... don't get the tempura bowl or the adobo bowl.
* No elevator so senior citizens be warned.

Also if anyone's interested to know, if you book through them you get a 10% discount if you pay cash. We used booking.com so no discount even if we did pay by cash.

Hotel price: Paid about P2500 for a triple sharing room for a night.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Resorts World Manila vs Resorts World Singapore

When I went to Resorts World Singapore, my time was limited so I can only attest to how its casino operates, and the accessibility of the place. 

My experience with Resorts World Manila was also limited to the casino. No time for shops, dining or shows.

And though I hate putting down our own RW Manila, here's what I've noticed in comparing both resorts.

While Resorts World Manila boast of offering free shuttle service in picking up RW members from various pick-up points in Manila and in the airport, what I found disappointing was that there were no signs of such said pick-up points. I don't know about the rest of the locations in Manila, I can only speak about the one in the airports and the one going back to the airport from Resorts World. 

In Manila, I had to ask several questions about where and when does the shuttle pick up, is it really free... One even didn't answer me correctly and told me to get a taxi instead since I wasn't staying at the hotel where the shuttle picks up. 

In Singapore though you have to pay a fee for the shuttle bus and or monorail to get to Sentosa, there are signs posted that you don't feel lost even if you don't have to ask questions from a local.

The accessibility in their websites of the "getting here" options is one thing I think RW Manila needs to improve on.

If you look at both sites, the facade of their main page appear similar but one advantage of RW Singapore is the "Getting Here" option that's easily visible in the main page.

In RW manila, you have to hover over the Connect Option. 

Another thing that is way better in RW Singapore is the claiming of your remaining balance. What do I mean?

For example you played at a machine and put in 50SGD. You have 10.50 SGD remaining and you don't want to play anymore so you get a ticket. No matter the amount, their machine cashes you back the amount of your ticket. 

In RW Manila, you need to have a RW membership card so your balance can be put in your card. You can use the card to play at another machine to transfer credit. But here's the catch! If your amount is less than P1000 you can't cash out that amount from the machine. 

I'm not sure if you can go to a live teller and cash this out, but it would be a hassle on the player's part. 

P500 can still feed you for 5 meals, what right do they have to force you to play your remaining 500 when you want to cash it out? It's like one big hustle. 

They might have their own reasons, but I think to be recognized as a world class resort, they need to up their level in being casino-friendly to first time casino players, occasional gamblers, tourists and not just focus on dedicated, expert gamblers.

The only advantage I see in RW Manila is on it's proximity to the airport. It's like a 5-10 minute ride getting to NAIA 3 from Remington Hotel. You can also bring your luggage to the bus. 

Will post some pics later. Let me know your comments if you have any if I'm unjust in this. But this is just basing on my experience.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Singapore 3D 2N - the second time around!

My last trip to Singapore was in 2005 with my family. Seven years after, there have been a lot of changes that seeing Singapore again is a must.

Three days and two nights in Singapore is not enough. There's just so many things to see in Singapore nowadays. I spent a lot of time researching what to see and do in Singapore but I think I only ticked off half off my bucket list.

Places we went to in order we did them:

Vivo City
Resorts World - Casino
Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa Resort
Bugis Street
Tangs and Lucky Plaza
Ion Mall

What we missed that I want to go back to:

Garden by the bay
Marina Bay Sands
Botanical Gardens
Night Safari


1. How to use the Singapore MRT
2. How to avail the Play Passes in Sentosa
3. Resorts World Free Shuttle Bus
4. Is Universal Studios Express pass a must?
5. Getting to Sentosa

1. To use the MRT, go to the machine to purchase tickets. Choose the destination or station name that you want to go to. Insert the money asked for. The ticket will then come out.

Then, tap the ticket to open the doors. Look for the color coded signage to know which train to go down to. If your station is not an intersection, then it's less confusing. You just need to figure out which way you're heading.

Don't lose your ticket since you need this to tap out again.

2. It's cheaper to buy play passes than to buy each attraction individually. There are three kinds of play passes: Day, Noon and Evening. 

Once you have this pass, there are redemption booths near each attraction to redeem your pass for tickets.

3. I only saw one the shuttle bus going to and from Resorts World - Vivo City. From the casino level, turn left and there's a sign for a free pick-up shuttle.

4. Universal Studios Singapore is small. I asked advice about this from Trip Advisor forum and I took their advice. I didn't get an express pass because it was a weekday and it wasn't a holiday. We started at opening time and finished in time for our pick-up at 4:30.

We didn't do the fast rides though cause we're not really interested in roller coasters.

5. Getting to Sentosa via mono rail. Go up to Level 3 in Vivo City and pay $3.50
If you want to walk you can, but it's a long walk. Plus, it was raining when we were there.


 Since we were on limited time, having a guide made traveling around sentosa easier because we had no time getting lost. Since our hotels wasn't one of the pick-up points of a free shuttle bus to universal studios, having a car pick us up is easier for us.

We booked through a local agency here in our country but maybe getting it online would be cheaper.
I tried booking it at asiatravel.com and I think it would have been.  But since I had no experience booking hotels online, I wanted to be safe about it so we went through an agency route.

I really want to try booking at asiatravel next time. I want to spend more time comparing prices like for example, getting  a taxi going back to the airport how much would it cost? Since most airport to hotel transfers are free in the site. It's getting both transfers that's a bit costly.


 1. Maps are for free in Singapore. I spent some time downloading maps to my phone from the internet. But there's no need. Once you arrive at the airport, there are lots of map and infos on attractions. If you missed getting one, in your hotel there would probably be more.

Their maps are complete whether it's the map of singapore, the map of the mrt, the map of sentosa, resorts world, and  universal studios.

2. Bring an umbrella. It might rain.

3. Bring money because Singapore is expensive. Conversion rates for US dollar to SG dollar is 121-122 SGD for 100 USD

PICTURES will be uploaded in a short while.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Renovated Molo Plaza - Molo Church pics

Molo Church
Molo Plaza renovated

Molo church is famous for its history, as well as its architectural design that has withstood the test of time. It has been through war, the change of rule from the Spaniards, to the Americans to the Japanese. It has even been visited by our national hero, Jose Rizal.

Up to the present, it is still very much part of the lives of the people in Iloilo city, especially those in Molo who go to mass in this church.

Outside of this holy sanctuary, the rest of the plaza has recently been renovated. Trees were cut down and several statues were put up.

Ironically, the statues put up were images of Greek or was it Roman goddesses.

Statues outside molo church

Aside from it being pleasing aesthetically, I don't know what kind of message they were trying to come up here when they put this up. It's not really very culturally related to the place as Filipinos, and images of goddesses outside a Roman Catholic church?

I don't know if this is a common thing in Rome, near the Vatican or other religious places like St. Peter's Basilica (since I've never been there) but it may serve some purpose with regards to their history and culture. I find it a bit irrelevant in Iloilo.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roxas Countryside

Most of these pictures were taken inside the van on the way or going home from Roxas city.


Rice being the staple food of the country, rice is planted in a lot of rural places. I often mistake them for grass.

Garlic Shrimp
Since Roxas City is known as the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines, we ate yummy garlic shrimps at RDL. (not sure if this is the correct name; will update later). The restaurant was near the water. Take a look at this pic.

Sky and Ocean

If you go out  that way, it's already the ocean.

On the way home:

Rotarian Motto - Be HONEST

Roxas Countryside nearing Twilight